Employees are the heart of every company, and investing in team-building exercises enhances their roles and connections within the workplace. If you’ve ever wanted to take a step back from busy calendars, endless meetings, and deadlines and invest in your team––consider taking a workday off and visiting an escape room with your employees.


In this blog, we’ll outline a few ways you can team build and have fun in the process with our escape rooms.

1. Escape Rooms Boost Team Morale

We may appear a bit biased when we say that escape rooms improve team morale––but it’s true. Escape rooms are an incredible way to motivate your employees and provide them with a sense of achievement when they meet their overall goal together––escaping the room. Instead of discussing team goals under dull fluorescent lights, you could be in an escape room working together to reach a common goal as a team.


Not only is doing an escape room way more fun than a meeting, but it’s also a great way to build trust between yourself and your coworkers––one of the proven methods to boost team morale and make your leadership much more effective.

2. Escape Rooms Improve Communication

Communication in the workplace is one of the most important parts of a functioning team. Good leaders are very effective at communicating with their employees as well as actively listening to them. Communication is also an essential part of an escape room. In order to solve the puzzle, teams must work together using their words, critical thinking skills, and easy-to-follow directions.


In escape rooms, there can be a lot of puzzles that require collaboration and teamwork. Our prison escape room, Lockdown, is the perfect example of this.

3. Escape Rooms Highlight Employee Strengths

When you work with employees for an extended period of time, you learn their strengths and weaknesses. Once we realize the strengths and weaknesses of our team, we can better leverage them to build a more efficient team. Whether your teammates are visual learners, auditory learners, doers, or thinkers, escape rooms can present them with something to play to their strengths.


Our escape rooms cater to a variety of mental, physical, and sensory obstacles––each with a different player in mind.

4. Escape Rooms Foster Creativity

Another key component of being a good leader is inhibiting your team’s creativity versus stifling it. All throughout an escape room, you are faced with challenges that encourage your employees to think with a creative mindset. Although creativity is seen as something to do with art or writing, it’s also integral to problem-solving––an important asset in the workplace.

5. Escape Rooms Help Improve Time Management Skills

Escape rooms are designed to help players solve puzzles in a timely fashion. This is why every escape room is equipped with multiple challenges, in addition to a time clock.


In order to effectively escape, players must work together, under the pressure of a timer, to solve riddles, puzzles, and find clues. Having a lot to do within a short period of time is a great way to establish task and time management skills.

6. Escape Rooms Are Affordable

If taking your team on an expensive retreat is out of the question, going to an escape room is a great, more affordable alternative. Sure, it’s not a condo on the beach, but it’s still a great way to bond with your team and sharpen your leadership skills.

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