Once Upon a Time

Family Fantasy Zone

Minimum 4 Players
Maximum 6 Players

"Perfect for families and kids age 4 to 14."

Hear Ye, Hear Ye… Calling forth all heroes… The Storybook Kingdom has been threatened by the Ice Queen! The Good Fairy asked the Toymaker to help create an invention that would open a magical portal into her castle in hopes to defeat her. However, the Ice Queen became wise to their plan. She has kidnapped the Toymaker and is about to unleash her cold-blooded spells. We need your bravery, wisdom, and agility to defeat her before she freezes the land. You must finish the Toymaker’s invention, open the portal, and take her all-powerful Ice Crystal to save the kingdom! Only you can bring the kingdom back to the way it was, Once Upon a Time!

It's time for
your adventure

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