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5 Reasons to Team Build at an Escape Room

October 5, 2020

Whether you have a well-seasoned team or newcomers on board, team building is a great opportunity to engage your team in enhancing their strengths and encouraging group collaboration. If you’re looking to unite your team in excellent team-building activities, an escape room is a perfect opportunity. Here’s why.

1. Learn to Communicate as a Team

Communication is a key element to any team, be it coworker to coworker, teacher to student, or leadership to leadership. Whether your team is going over the weekly to-do list or preparing for an important business meeting, you want to be sure that they can effectively work together to solve problems and complete projects in a timely manner.


An escape room is a great atmosphere to put your team’s communication skills to the test. In an escape room, the objective is to escape. However, this can only be done after finding clues and finishing a series of puzzles in a timely fashion. Like in the real world, your employees will have to communicate to problem solve and complete the task at hand effectively.

2. Discover Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses play an important role in who we are as employees and coworkers. Examining your employees’ strengths and weaknesses can help you determine where some employees shine and where some need a little extra TLC.


Since escape rooms involve a series of problem-solving elements, your team must work together to piece puzzles together and reach the common goal: escape. As your team works together, you can notice skills such as who’s the most brainy or analytic and who participates the most. Careful examination can help you spot your employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

3. Learn How to Fail & Succeed Together

As a team in the workplace, failure and success are actively shared. Sometimes you land the pitch, and sometimes the client backs out. The point is, nobody goes alone, and the same can be applied in an escape room. Win or lose; the ultimate goal is to work together to escape a room. When you work one-on-one with your team, you’ll realize how much each person’s contribution matters to the overall outcome.


Team building activities in an escape room is a quick way to help your team feel like a team.

4. Build Trust with Your Team

One of the most important components of an effective team is trust and your employees’ ability to trust one another. After working through an escape room as a team, you’ll find out that Pamela and Jim are able to work together very well, and make great teammates. You’ll also find out that Stacy isn’t as quiet as you initially thought, and her verbal skills could make her a good client manager.


The trust you build with your team in a safe, secure place like an escape room is just the kind of trust you need back at the office.

5. Get Closer to Your Team

If you’re used to the routine of seeing your employees or coworkers in a work environment, then it’s likely you haven’t met the real them. We’re not saying they’re hiding something (maybe they are); we’re saying that people often get into a work conversation routine, and that you don’t see their most authentic self.


When you get your team out of a work environment, you’ll likely see who they really are: funny, smart, maybe even sarcastic people. You’ll come out of the escape room with a new perspective of your team members.


Are you ready to go into one of our escape rooms and emerge with a new perspective of your team?


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