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Why an Escape Room is the Perfect Date Night Activity

November 2, 2020

If you’re in a relationship, you know the importance of putting in effort with your partner. Let’s face it, date night has become, dare we say, boring? Don’t get us wrong, dinner and a movie can be a great date night activity, but it lacks thrill. Instead of being bored to death, and sitting in silence in a movie theater––consider going to an escape room the perfect date night activity. 


Escape rooms have gained popularity throughout the past few years with companies, based largely on teamwork. Companies will often rent out escape rooms to test their teams’ problem-solving skills and collaborative capabilities. Beating an escape room is all about beating a time clock; since escape rooms are timed, you have a limited amount of time to work through different riddles and puzzles with your team, (or partner).


Whether it’s your first date or your weekly date night, here’s why you should consider taking your date to an escape room.


Learn More About Your Partner

Escape rooms provide the perfect environment for participants to learn more about one another. This is especially true for new couples, who can benefit from learning about each other’s communication styles and unique behaviors. Beating an escape room clock is a great way to see how your partner performs under pressure, and how well they work in a team setting. 


Experience a Thrilling Night Out

Maybe high-adrenaline activities aren’t your thing, or maybe they are, but they’re not in your budget. An escape room is a perfect cost-effective combination of mystery and thrill without being too extreme for some partners. If you’re looking for a rousing night out with your significant other, consider our Body of Evidence room––a murder mystery that’s equal parts thrilling, and head-scratching.


Build Communication

If you’re going on a date a long-term partner, an escape room can be a fun way to break out of a communication rut. Sometimes in long-term relationships, we can find ourselves struggling to communicate with our partners. An escape room shakes up your typical routine of communicating with your partner and challenges you to talk with one another in new ways. 


Team building in an escape room is a quick way to help your team feel like a team.


Enjoy a Group Date Night

Are you looking to spice up your date night even more? Try inviting another couple to join in on your escape room party. With more people in the room, you can enjoy the opportunity to work together as a team to solve puzzles and escape the room. Group dates also add a touch of competition among couples and make for an exciting date night. Adding more brains into the room heightens your success of escape!


The trust you build with your team in a safe, secure place like an escape room is just the kind of trust you need back at the office.


Looking for a Fun Date Night Activity? Book an Escape Room!

A good date isn’t about money. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a nice dinner and a movie, consider saving your money and booking you and your date an escape room. Whether it’s your first date or your 30th date, an escape room will offer you a memorable experience that you can’t experience anywhere else. Break out of your comfort zone, and book a room today!

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