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What Makes a Good Escape Room?

January 4, 2021

Escape rooms are an immersive way to spend time with friends and test your puzzle-solving skills. But let’s face it, some escape rooms are not as good as others. Some just evoke a different type of experience than others! But what is the special ingredient the good ones have that others don’t? Let’s explore that in this blog.


They Tell a Good Story

Think about it, an escape room is supposed to immerse you in an interactive environment filled with riddles, puzzles, and clues to help you, well–––escape. The best escape rooms come with a story that drives your actions from the start of the escape room until the end. The goal of an escape room is to escape, but it’s also to solve the mystery––whatever the theme may be. Without a compelling story, there’s no true motivation to see how the escape room will end. A rich narrative takes a simple task of solving puzzles and turns it into your crusade to find the lost tomb. A fun story also makes for a memorable experience with close family and friends.


They Create an Immersive Experience

An engaging story is not enough to make an escape room an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience. The décor, sound effects, props, staging, and lighting, should all play into the overall story––to convince players that they’re not just in a room with the door locked.

The goal is to convince players that the stakes, objectives, and rewards are real.


They Have Unique Puzzles

Escape rooms use clues and puzzles to give players a sense of accomplishment. While the puzzles shouldn’t be so easy your four-year-old cousin can solve them in seconds, they also shouldn’t be so hard that they take players hours to solve. If this happens, the escape room goes from exciting and rewarding to annoying and tiresome.


They Inspire Players to Work Together

Besides fun, excitement, and thrill, escape rooms are perfect for teamwork. Escape rooms are so successful at being fun because they require a team of people to work together to win. By combining wit, mental resources, and brainpower, team members can solve problems faster than if working alone. This is why we always recommend companies to bring their employees to escape rooms––they’re great for team building.


They Bring a Dramatic Experience

We love drama, well, not the kind that ends in explosive anger or a fountain of tears. We do, however, love a dramatic setting. Escape rooms become more immersive the more dramatic the story mission or room is. To do this, we incorporate plot twists or unforeseen circumstances that add thrill and excitement to puzzle-solving. High stakes raise players’ excitement and commitment to completing the escape room before time runs out.


Time to Book Your Next Escape Room!

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